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SDP 64-bit drivers?

Question asked by skreckman on Nov 29, 2011
Latest reply on May 7, 2012 by drudolf

I'm using an SDP1Z board with an AD527xSDZ eval board for DCP's. I've installed and used this just fine on my system running Vista 32-bit. The problem comes when I try to install this on my new system running Win 7 64-bit, the drivers do not install correctly.


I run the install CD which loads the ADI application and NI files but then it tries to load the SDP 32-bit drivers. It gets most of the way through then comes up with the error message 'The wizard was interrupted before ADI SDP 32-bit drivers could be completely installed' and halts right there. The questions are:

- Are there 64-bit drivers available for the SDP?

- If they are available, what do I do to install them instead of the 32-bit drivers?

- Will the 32-bit work ok in a 64-bit OS if 64-bit native drivers are not available?


I've installed/uninstalled these a few times, same results every time. Without the drivers properly installed the application can't communicate to the board. Any ideas?