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ADIS16227 Operation with a Raspberry Pi CM3

Question asked by Strelok on Feb 21, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2018 by NevadaMark
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Hello Mark!


I'm currently working with an ADIS16277 and i have very strange readings from the sensor. It seems like some periodic nose or something. The data i read changes as i apply some acceleration to the sensor, but they are verry stranege. 

If i zoom to the signal:

Actualy the time on the x axis is the timestamp of the data reading. But for me first of all is strange that i cant see any negative value, becouse if i shake the sensor i should have a change in the direction of the acceleration, when the movement changes direction. And the other question should i see the 1G in the data in one axis, if the sensor is just on the table?


Have you ever seen anything like this, or do you heve an idea where i should continue looking for the problem?


I am using a Raspberry Pi3 for reading the SPi.


Thank you for your answer.