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ADAU1772 codec test

Question asked by Karthikas on Feb 21, 2018
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I am working on ADAU1772 audio codec device interfaced with STM microcontroller(SAI interface). The codec is working fine I can able capture 4 audio input using TDM4 mode also I can output audio signal through 2 available output channel . Every functionalities with codec is working.

Now my requirement is to write test program to test codec. For this I am generating 1KHz sinewave from DAC(which inbuilt to microcontroller) and given as input to codec and capturing this digitalized sample through SAI interface , Now how can I conclude that I am getting 1Khz with those samples. I was suggested to do some FFT computing on those samples , But i am very new to this signal processing platform . 

Can anyone suggest some feasible ways to test this Codec or is there any Built test available inside the codec.


Thank you.,