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AD JESD204b RX core

Question asked by anh on Feb 20, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2018 by larsc

Hi all,


I am wondering if anyone can help me  regarding the AD JESD204b RX core developed by Analog Devices


1. AXI JESD204 RX  core

JESD204B Link Receive Peripheral [Analog Devices Wiki] 

The above link describes the AD AXI JESD204b Rx core.  However, when I downloaded the source code, the  verilog HDL code does not  have the data in/out interface as following. There is NO RX_PHY ports and RX_DATA ports in the axi_jesd204_rx.v file. The lack of I/O interface can bee seen in the below link as well

hdl/axi_jesd204_rx.v at dev · analogdevicesinc/hdl · GitHub


I am wondering how can we use this core if it does not have input/output interface.


2. NON-AXI JESD204 RX core:

I also downloaded the non-AXI AD JESD20b core. I tested this core and found that it  does not support the character alignment insertion  function (FACI). Even thought it has scrambler module, but when I tested the JESD link with scrambler enabled, it failed. In summary, this non-axi core only works  when the scrambling and FACI are disabled.

What are your thoughts about this?