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AD9915 loosing sync

Question asked by rrascher on Feb 20, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2018 by rrascher

If I read the linked thread carefully, it seems that the synchronization is

lost between two or more AD9915 chips if one of the Clear bits is set

CFR1 [3:6]. In my application I have 8 synced AD9915 which needs to be

programmed with a frequency/phase/ amplitude and frequency/phase amplitude modulated

for a few milliseconds. They then will be switched off for a few seconds and start again with

a different frequency/phase amplitude and again run for a few milliseconds.

By now I thought I use the Clear Phase Accumulator Bit to start with a rising slope every time

the AD9915 are programmed, but that seems not to be possible.

How can I make sure all the AD9915 start with a rising slope every time they are reprogrammed?


AD9915 out of sync - effects?