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Frequency Tolerance Specification including temperature variation of video decoder device

Question asked by Tamu on Feb 20, 2018
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I have a question of "Frequency Stability" specification of video decoder devices.
 Nominal Frequency 28.63636 MHz
 Frequency Stability ±50 ppm
I think this is applied on the all operating temperature range (for example, -40 to 105 etc)
because the datasheet says "specified at operating temperature range".


Meanwhile, AN-1260 application-note says:
Table 1 details the specifications of the crystal used in the ADV7403 evaluation board.
  Frequency Calibration (at 25 degreeC) ±0.0030%
  Frequency Temperature Stability Tolerance ±0.0050%
The datasheet of this crystal (HC49) is as follows:
The specification says as follows:
  Freq.Tolerance ± 30ppm 25 degreeC
  Freq.Stability ± 50ppm (Ref. to degreeC)


So my customer thinks that
 - "Freq.Tolerance ± 30ppm 25 degreeC" is the tolerance specification at 25 degreeC.
 - "Freq.Stability ± 50ppm (Ref. to degreeC)" is the specification of the distribution of frequency including temperature variation.

So my customer thinks ADI video decoder's Frequency tolerance specification including temperature variation is as follows: ±50ppm + ± 30ppm = ±80ppm.


Is this right?
How much is the value of "Frequency Tolerance Specification" including temperature variation of video decoder device?


Thank you!
Best regards.