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TRU for DMA and HADC

Question asked by rpmarchand Employee on Feb 19, 2018
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i'm exploring using the BF707 for an application that leverages the HADC.  i'm trying to understand if it's feasible to use the TRU block with the HADC to fill a portion of memory.  My application would look to have the HADC in continuous sample mode at 1MSPS with two channels enabled; these two channels would need to be DMA'd into memory setup for  ping-pong buffer.  while the second buffer is filling, the first buffer i would like to do an FFT and some processing on the data.  


I've been reading through the documentation but i cannot find a reference to the HADC being included in the TRU block on the BF70x.  i'm wondering if the above is feasible, if it is, is there an example project that i could start from that would make this easier?  


thanks for your help!