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Will LTC1981 drive two in series MOSFETs?

Question asked by afmenhem on Feb 19, 2018
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I am design an smart LiPo power pack for an existing device. I need  to switch on/off a LiPo cell (3.7V) from its charger and power path controller used in the existing device.


For tjat I'm intending to use a LTC1981 in the following configuration.



A bidirectional switch is necessary because the PMIC in the existing device will charge the battery when +5V is present and connect the battery to the power rail when +5V is not present.

The current will be no more than 1 A and the LTC1981 will be controlled by a tiny micro-controller powered by the battery itself.


Do you think that LTC1981 will be able to control the two MOSFETs providing a bidirectional on/off switch?


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