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Aducm360, undocumented address space ?

Question asked by mono on Feb 19, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2018 by mono

Hi everyone,


while playing with the watchdog-timer of the aducm360, I came across the following code-snippet from WdtClrInt() in Wdtlib.c


 if(T3STA_CLRI_BBA == 0) {
      pADI_WDT->T3CLRI = 0xCCCC;
      return 1;


  Looking up T3STA_CLRI_BBA:



#define T3STA_CLRI_BBA      (*(volatile unsigned long *) 0x4204B304)


On page 7 of the hardware user guide, it is shown that the address 0x4204B304 is in the peripheral user space, but outside the MMR addresses.


Is this an undocumented adress space ? Not sure where I find a description to this.


Is this the same if I would check bit1 of T3STA equals 0 ?