ADV7611 interlaced mode: pixel and field heigth measurement interpretation?

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For a custom camera, I have an ADV7611 followed by GS1662.
Input is a HDMI, which has been set to 1440x480i-60 mode. No audio.
Output has to be SDI SMPTE 259M-C (270Mbit/s, 525i).


The SDI output sync's nicely on some monitors (e.g. TVLogic, WFM700),
but others (e.g. Black Magic Video Assist) refuse to show it.
So, I assume there is something wrong with the compatibility,
but I don't know what. So, help greatly appreciated.
I distrust the vertical timing, but I'm not sure.


How should I interpret the ADV7611 measurements in this interlaced mode?


I read these status values from ADV7611:   (postfix for b=binary, d=decimal, h=hex)
For the CP part:
PRIM_MODE = 0101b - HDMI-comp
INP_COLOR_SPACE = 1111b - color space determined by HDMI
RGB_OUT = 0 - YPbPR color space output
OP_FORMAT_SEL = 00 - 8-bit SDR ITU-656 mode
CP_INTERLACED = 1b - interlaced
CP_FORCE_INTERLACED = 0b - Input is detected as interlaced and CP is programmed interlaced mode.
CP_UNLOCK_RAW = 0b - CP is locked
CP_LOCK_RAW = 1b - CP is locked


So, this seems pretty ok to me. For the HDMI part:
HDMI_MODE = 1b - HDMI Mode detected
VERT_FILTER_LOCKED = 1b - locked
LINE_WIDTH = 1440d --> I assume this as 720 luma and 720 chroma samples. Right?
FIELD0_HEIGTH = 240d --> I assume this as half of 480, so 240 seems ok to me. Right?
DEEP_COLOR_MODE = 00h = 8-bits per channel
HDMI_INTERLACED = 1b = 1-interlaced input
FIELD1_HEIGTH = 240d --> same as FIELD0_HEIGTH, so seems ok to me.
TOTAL_LINE_WIDTH = 1716d --> I assume this is ok. Right?


But I don't understand these in the HDMI:
HSYNC_FRONT_PORCH = 38d    38 unique pixels? What does this mean?
HSYNC_PULSE_WIDTH = 124d   ???
HSYNC_BACK_PORCH = 114d    ???
FIELD1_TOTAL_HEIGTH = 368d ???   Shouldn't these be the same?


If needed, I can retrieve/post other values too.