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Need help correcting speaker frequencies

Question asked by Papejelly on Feb 19, 2018
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On request of a friend we're building an omnidirectional bluetooth speaker. Because space is very limited we bought an ADAU1701 to correct the sound for it. One of the problems we're facing is the high notes. Because using multiple conventional tweeters have multiple dead spots we resorted to using a cone to break the soundwaves in a 360 degree pattern. While this works well, some frequencies get muffled. I tried a lot to get it sound right again but it does not work. 

I tried experimenting with ADI Virtual, HDSX and SuperPhat Spatializer with no good results. Yesterday i tried to measure with a db-meter the difference in frequencies with and without cone, put those delta values in Parametric EQ with still no good results. It is buggy and the Q-factor doesnt play along very well. Vocals and instruments sound like they are not really present in the song. Also boosting 4000/3000/180 and 400hz does not work really well. Everything i do to provide more clarity results in a sharp sound rather than a clean sound. 


What can i do about this?