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ADAU1401 selfboot, reconfiguring EEPROM

Question asked by mhaensler on Feb 19, 2018
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I am currently using a ADAU1401 DSP and SigmaStudio 3.17. I would like to have following scenario: I have a EEPROM with preconfigures settings. A customer should be able to change the DSP settings using a programmer (EVAL-ADUSB2EBZ). Now the customer should be also able to store his own settings inside the DSP without doing any hardware changes (setting a switch or similar). Currently the selfboot pin and WP pin are tied high.


I have planned to do following approach: selfboot and WP are tied high (with external resistor). Now I connect the BRD_RESET signal from the programmer with the WP signal on my PCB. Once I right clock now on the USB interface block inside the SigmaStudio I can Enable/Disable the device which would cause in my scenario the WP pin to be low. 


So a customer could disable the device, programm the EEPROM and then enable the device again.


Are there any better solutions for this scenario? Unfortunatly I don't see inside the SigmaStudio if the device is enabled or disabled. Is there somewhere a flag which can be used so that the customer can check if the device is currently disabled or enabled?


Thank you for your help


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