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Is it possible to power the HMC1063 through the IF ports?

Question asked by mhershcu on Feb 18, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2018 by mthahira

I plan on using the HMC1063 as a SSB down converter in a test application.

Normally a mixer should be powered through the LO port, but since I don't have an energetic LO signal, I want to provide energy through the IF ports.


I plan on using an arbitrary waveform generator to produce the required Sin, Cos signals (at around 700KHz).

The two outputs of the waveform generator will be fed to the IF ports of the mixer at ~13dBm power (around 1.5vpp with 0v DC).

A low power RF signal of 24GHz shall be fed into the LO port (-30dBm or so). 

The up/down converted signal will be received from the RF port of the mixer.


Can anyone say if that is expected to work with the HMC1063 ?