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ADE7880 Reactive and Angle wrong readings

Question asked by emir on Feb 18, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 8, 2018 by pminc48


I'm using the ADE7880 for 3 phase 4 wire Y monitoring. There are 3 separate voltage and current sensors for the 3 phases. The current sensors are of type Rogowski.

The ADE is programmed for Linecycle energy measuring (all bits in LYCMODE are 1 except Reset after read = 0). The half cycle register is set to 100 (we use 50Hz).

I get -6 degrees deviation between voltage and current and programmed the PHCALs to 383 to adjust it.

When measuring pure load I get correct values for Current, Voltage, Frequency, Angle, Apparent energy and Active energy but the reactive energy is around -4 and not 0 as expected.

When measuring Reactive load (capacitive or inductive)  I get wrong values for Angle (completely far from expected) and for the Reactive energy. Rest of the parameters are OK.

What could be the problem?