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Is there an example somewhere with standalone plutoSDR signal grabbing?

Question asked by xof on Feb 17, 2018
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at FOSDEM 2018, Robin Getz told us that it was possible to use the Adalm Pluto SDR standalone, just using a power bank and a thumb drive.  I found somewhere that I had to put a file named on the thumb drive but I have no idea what to put in the file.  It is a shell script, ok, but what command do I use?  Where are they documented?  (I found some lousy example to send something (or so) but not to receive).  Is there somewhere an example with the (exact) commands to 'grab' something.  Let say, I want to grab one minute of the 433 MHz ISM band.  How do I do that?  What is the file format of the data collected?  What are my options?  Can I set a filter?  How do I specify the sample rate?  Can I do something more, like demodulate some known signal?  That kind of stuff.  But initially, simply grabbing 433.5 Mhz @ 2 Msps in a known format would be fine.


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