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Flashing Evaluation BF537-EZKit Lite with uboot & kernel image

Question asked by tejaswi on Feb 16, 2018
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I am new to the forum and currently there are several questions running in my mind. 

I am able to successfully get the BF537-EZkit up with the help of Visual DSP5.0 and run the example codes on the same. I have run the example flash programing on the kit and able to boot up the kit without running the Visual DSP5.0.

Now, I have few question or doubts, request you to kindly address the same.


  Followed the steps in  for compiling the uboot for BF537. 


1. What is the difference between make bf537-stamp, bf537-mintaur, bf537-pnav and bf537-srv1.

2. Which command should be used to build uboot for evaluation kit and for the bare bf537 processor.