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ADV7619 suddenly won't detect input signal

Question asked by StevenD on Feb 15, 2018
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I'm seeing an issue on a capture card using the ADV7619. The board, which was previously functional, is suddenly unable to detect any input signal (1080p is being used for this test). The thing is, the TMDS clock is locked at the correct frequency, and the Audio PLL is also locked, which leads me to believe the input is stable (the same input signal is captured properly when plugged into another ADV7619). If I unplug the source, the TMDS PLL reports being unlocked, and re-plugging the source results in a good lock (at the correct frequency).


I have tried resetting the ADV7619 both using the software reset (offset 0xFF of the IO map) and via external hardware reset, but to no avail. Power-cycling the unit does not restore functionality, and there is no evidence of any physical damage to the unit (input connector --> ADV7619 input). All register reads respond, but the data being returned is not consistent with the input mode being supplied (I can supply register dumps if helpful).


This may not be the first unit to exhibit this type of issue, but it is the first such unit whose behavior has been extensively debugged...


Can you shed any light on what might be going on (and how I might be able to recover the device)...?


Thanks for your help,