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fmcomms5+libiio+matlab: limit on continious sampling?

Question asked by Baroch on Feb 15, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2018 by travisfcollins

My setup is: AD FMCOMMS5 on XILINX 706.
linux kernel 4.6.0 21/11/2016
driver version - have run adi_update_boot and adi_update_tools around 20-sept-2017


I'm sampling 4 rx channels concurrently. Data is transferred to matlab on a pc via point-to-point ethernet connection using the libiio library. code is based on this example -


The maximal buffer size I can run with is about 127,872 samples. This number plugs instead of the "8192" on lines 9,10,18,19 whenever I try to increase the buffer size, I get an empty result (a buffer of zeros). The matlab computer has about 32GB of ram, so I belive it's not "out of memory" issues.


Actually it'd be sufficient if I could have sampled 5,120,000 continuous samples.
What I experience is that data blocks coming from different "stepImpl" calls (see lines 56,57) are not continuous. Gaps are inherent in the sine wave injected.

Any ideas?