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Programming Issue for Aducm322

Question asked by Greg_Lee on Feb 13, 2018
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I try to use J-Flash to Connect my Test board including with Aducm322.

My Test board power supply is separated into 3.3V for Aducm322 and 1.8V for Macom CDR IC.

I try to use J-Flash(Segger) to connect Aducm322 but some situations fail.


3.3V current consumption: 48mA

1.8V current consumption: 219mA


I list different kinds of conditions and connect result.

(1)power supply=3.3V, connect OK.

(2)power supply=3.3V & 1.8V , connect NOK.

(3)power supply=3.3V & 1.8V CDR  at the same time,  turn off 1.8V , connect NOK. (3.3V only)

(4)power supply=3.3V, turn on 1.8V CDR , turn off 1.8V , connect OK.                       (3.3V only)

(5)power supply=3.3V, turn on 1.7V CDR  , connect OK.


I feel strange that it generates different results for actions (3) & (4) 

I can not see any big different from scope for 1.8V & 3.3V.


Do you provide any direction for me to debug?


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