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Hello. How do I use SP601 HMCAD1520 SMA trigger input? to make an external triggered measurement.

Question asked by Ovidiu on Feb 14, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2018 by TonyM

Hello. I am using the SP601 Xilinx FPGA board with the HMCAD1520. I aquired the firmware for the board from simmilar posts and made a working project of it(I have somewhat little experience with FPGA software developement). Now I can measure signals with EasySuite and modify the firmware of the FPGA board. For example, I want to make a triggered measurement by generating 2 pulses (on 2 pins of the FPGA board) with a push button(this part already works), one pulse beeing used for the SMA trigger connector(to synchronize the measurement) and the other for an external signal generator, but the trigger pin doesn't seem to react to anything. It has a weak pull-up resistor(FPGA's) and when pulled-down to aprox. 0.4V, it doesn't react, no measurement occures. In easySuite I couldn't find anything releated to the external trigger enabling, only one scentence in the user manual which says that the SMA trigger pin can be used for triggered measurements.

   Another way to do this, would be to synchronize the pin pulse to the single shot button of the easySuite software on PC, thus eliminating the need of the trigger SMA connector pin and push button. But, where to do this? in the FPGA firmware.  


Thank you and have a nice day.