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SigmaStudio 3.17- block processing sort of works now..maybe?

Question asked by audi on Feb 13, 2018

Hi Team (I am using adau1466 eval):


Well, was very excited to download 3.17 and see that I can finally pass audio through a FFT/IFFT combo- first time, thanks!


But, seems to be many more bugs relating to any kind of block processing:


For example, I took a sine tone block and an audio input, assigned to two 'block' input blocks, on the schematic page.



On the block schematic page, added two input blocks and an output block.


On the block schematic page, connected the tone block to the output block, OK, works.

Delete the interconnect between those blocks and connect to the audio block- even though the assignments are correct from schematic to block, what I hear is still the tone output.



Tried many combos of this and nothing works.


Seems impossible to do any block processing that involves more than one input/output combo...making block processing pretty useless, still, unfortunately


Also, if you delete and then re-add any of the block processing I/O blocks, they increment their address as if there are more block I/O's...


Are these known bugs? 


I have a product design I am trying to complete, but can't (won't) due to these continuing problems.


Grateful for all the hard working being put into these amazing parts, but pretty frustrated because I can't do what I need to do because of these continuing bugs...