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How do I set up my project to build a .ldr file for a BF548

Question asked by jwalther on Nov 28, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 23, 2012 by Andreas
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We have a custom board using the BF548 that is based on the ezkit board.  I am trying to build a ldr file to download to the board and test boot from flash.  I have created a driver for the nymonyx flash that we are using that appears to work so the .ldr file that I am generating should be in flash, but it will not boot.


Should I be using the default boot kernel?  It was using 535_prom8.dxe, I have tried both the 535_prom16.dex and the ADSP-BF548-ROM-V02.  None seem to make a difference.  I have the Use boot kernel checked in the kernel tab of the project options.  The BMODE pins on the board are set to 0001 so that should be correct.


I have looked at the power on self test project and used that for an example but it has not helped much.

If there is a white paper or example I could use your help in pointing it out to me would be appreciated.