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Current draw on ADXL372 - extra 60 uA

Question asked by rg1200gs on Feb 13, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2018 by jwang

I'm seeing an extra 60 uA of current draw show up from the ADXL372 when I am in Instant On mode.


Attached is a current trace. The ADXL372 is sampling at 400 Hz ODR. My processor is drawing 2 uA plus 18 uA pulses every 50 mS when asleep. The ADXL372 behaves reasonably well after finishing sampling and going back to Instant On mode, but then about 200 mS later it ramps its current up to a 100 or so uA and then settles back to about 60 uA steady draw after a second or so.


Power for the ADXL is at 2.5 Volts as per the data sheet characterization. I get similar draws on four different ADXL372 chips on four different boards. I characterized my processor by pulling a 0 ohm resistor off the board and thus disconnecting the ADXL372 power supply, so its definitely the ADXL372. None of the ADXL372 inputs are floating.


Any thoughts?




- Rod




I see there are a couple new sets of example code that have shown up in the last month or so. I will check those out. I am currently working from the code I got by Googling the following url:  (I fixed the register address errors in it...)

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