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AD9106 GUI Issue

Question asked by Sakshi. on Feb 13, 2018
Latest reply on May 2, 2018 by landsman

Hi. I am using AD9106 Customer EVM for my college project. I am facing many issues while programming the device. I downloaded the GUI file named- HSDACUpdate_AD9106-EBZ_1.0.3.exe . While working with this version, I found that the programming of the device through SPI is not reliable. For example, when I am programming SRAM, I observe the DAC expected output rarely. I need to write 3-4 times to get the expected output or sometimes it never responds to whatever I do. Also, other than DAC channel 1, I am unable to write to other DAC channels. Am I missing something? I am following the steps mentioned in the Quick Start Guide as they are. I am wondering if I need to change anything in the hardware to make the SPI write work.We have two EVMs in our lab, and both of them are showing the same issue. Your quick response will be appreciated because I need to submit my first evaluation results very soon. FYI I am using windows 10 OS and also tried on windows 7 OS, just in case GUI needs some particular OS version .