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How to connect AD9684 AGND, DGND and DRGND?

Question asked by Ma_Li on Feb 13, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2018 by UmeshJ


FMCDAQ2 use AD9680 ADC and there is no ground split for DGND and DRGND but in AD9680 evaluation board split ground AGND,DGND and DRGND. Is this ground splitting affect performance of the ADC dramatically, IS there any other options for the DRGND,DGND and AGND to not reduce ADC RF performance. Connection DGND and DRGND pins to AGND via ferrite bead can be a solution ? 

I have a similar ADC (AD9684) for my custom transceiver application and my application include ADC,DAC,mixers, lna, gain amplifier,clock generators. Should I divide gorunds for AGND,DGND and DRGND or connect  DGND and DRGND pins directly AGND via ferrite bead or should I use one solid ground and connect AGND,DGND and DRGND to one solid GND without using ferrite bead