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bfin-elf-ldr timeout when booting u-boot over UART in BF527 EZKIT

Question asked by shekharlav on Nov 28, 2011
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I am using 2010R1-RC4 toolchain. I was trying to load the u-boot over UART on BF527 EZ-KIT, and was unable to do it.


I am using ADSP-BF527 EZ-KIT LITE 1.5


The SW10 (UART ENABLE) switch settings were "OFF" "ON" "OFF" ON" with JP5 in default state.

The Boot Mode was set to 8 (BOOT LDR over UART1).


These settings are discussed at




I downloaded the u-boot .ldr file from the following link:


and used the u-boot-bf527-ezkit-uart-2010R1-RC2.ldr file


I fired the following command :



[root@TLL-DVITIYA TLL6527Mfirmware]# bfin-elf-ldr -l u-boot-bf527-ezkit-uart-2010R1-RC2.ldr /dev/ttyS0 -b 57600 && minicom
Loading LDR u-boot-bf527-ezkit-uart-2010R1-RC2.ldr ... OK!
Removing stale lock '//var/lock/LCK..ttyS0'
Opening /dev/ttyS0 ... OK!
Configuring terminal I/O ... OK!
Trying to send autobaud ... OK!
Trying to read autobaud ... bfin-elf-ldr: received signal 14: timeout while sending; aborting
As can be seen, I got a timeout during read autobaud.
I also tried setting the different baud rates like and 115200, 9600 , but I still got the same error.
I also followed the following link:

and did reset the board using SW16 (RESET) but still got the same error.


What might be the issue in this case?





PS: The board boots up fine from the parallel flash when I set boot mode to 1