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About the tools required

Question asked by shpra18 on Nov 28, 2011
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We are newly starting development on ADSP BF 531 processor with UCOS II . We need to know what are the tools and set up everything newly  that are required to work on this.We have a product that already runs on BF531 with UCOS II and UC LIB/FS . But we dont know the set up and tools that we require to start newly.

My question is that

1. which tools required for the development on BF531 with UCOSII

2. Debugger and emulators and IDE  and kit we should have in this case

3. Any idea on UC FS and UC LIB that are from Micrium ( anyone used them with BF531 ? )

4. Any good training  on Blackfin DSP on VisualDSP++  in India ?


Thnks in advance,