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gdb+gnICE vs bootelf

Question asked by shekharlav on Nov 27, 2011
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I am using a BF527 based platform running the 2010R1-RC2 u-boot.


I am trying to build a bare metal application which displays images on an LCD screen. I tried executing my elf file in two different ways.


Initial condition:


Booted the system and stopped at the "bfin>" prompt of u-boot.


1. via GDB + gnICE. This was tried from both eclipse and the terminal. The application was able to display the images as required.

2. Transferred the application to the SDRAM via tftp and tried to execute it using bootelf. The image which appeared was incomplete and then faded away. Only a white screen was left.


The same application executable has different behavior when executed via gdb or bootelf.


What might be the issue. Am I missing some point related to the execution environments(gdb/bootelf) ?





PS: LCD is PPI+DMA based