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RuntimeError: Unable to create buffer :-16 after added FMCOMMS2 blocks on No GUI - Run to Completion, gnuradio

Question asked by mr_nazrin on Feb 9, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2018 by mr_nazrin

Dear Community Team,


I started my flowgraph with getting real /imaginary data from a signal source using File Sink block as shown in figure below. Generate Options is NO GUI - Run to Completion.

a simple flowgraph

Then I develop a python script to sweep amplitude and display their imaginary value over certain of frequency range like picture below.

sweep amplitude

Now I'm very excited to add FMCOMMS2 sink/source blocks and perform similar python scripts like my initial program above.

with fmcomss2 blocks  

Basically, there is no parameter is passing to both self.iio_fmcomms2_source_0 or self.iio_fmcomms2_sink_0, in order me to maintain the similarity of python program. All parameters on fmcomms2 bloks are predefine as shown in top_block figure below.


However I got message Error Unable to create buffer :-16. This is puzzle to me since by adding this fmcomms2 blocks should not effect any my python  code flow anyway. 

unable to create buffer -16


Pls give some idea how to solve this issue. Thank you.