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AD9625 delay time on JESD204B

Question asked by Hiroyuki.D on Feb 9, 2018
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I work for a distributer of ADI in Japan. Please help me to take the answers of the delay time issues.


Actually our customer tries to calculate the delay time based on JESD204B subclass 1 operation and requires the parameters as follows.

1.The fixed delay from SYSREF to LMFC.

2.The fixed delay from analogue input to LMFC.

3.The delay from LMFC to JESD204 serial output.

AD9625 digital output interface with FPGA.


There is a chapter of LATENCY in AD9689 data sheet page 92 to calculate the delay above mentioned. But there is no chapter of LATENCY in AD9625 data sheet. Therefore the customer gives us above question.


AD9625 web page

AD9689 web page