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Question about Idd of ADG1311

Question asked by Kazu on Feb 9, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2018 by Stephen_Nugent

Hi All,


According to the ADG1311 data sheet, Idd is 380uA max when the digital inputs are 5V.

Then I have a question. Which one of the following three is correct about Idd?

  1. When all four inputs are applied to 5V, the Idd value become 380uAx4=1,520uA max.
  2. The 380uA is the total current when all four inputs are applied to 5V, so when only one(1) input is applied to  5V, Idd becomes 380uA/4=95uA max.
  3. Appling 5V to one(1) input or all four inputs, the Idd is 380uA max. (Idd does not depend on the number of input applied to 5V.)