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File sink result is wrong after add FMCOMMS2 blocks

Question asked by mr_nazrin on Feb 8, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 11, 2018 by mr_nazrin

Hi Community team,


I construct a simple flowgraph that save real and imaginary data from a signal source. The flowgraph is QT GUI with amplitude set to 0.5 and frequency is 1000 as shown in figure below. Then I verify the data from .dat files by run python scripts and show similar and consistent value what I expected. Where I can calculate magnitude is ~0.5.

no fmcomms2


Then I added FMCOMMS2 source / sink into same flowgraph as shown in figure below. I did a similar verification process. I found that the result is wrong. I believe the Head block is the root cause , but if i removed this Head block, I will get/ need to process a huge amount of .dat file generated ( xxMByte).

with fmcomss2

Then I verify again using Time Sink after FMCOMMS2 Source ( remove head block ), the waveform is look good with magnitude ~0.5. 


My aim is to get correct data in real.dat and imaginary.dat after add FMCOMMS2 blocks / Head block. Any one have some idea how to solve this issue?


Thank you