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ADV7842 HDMI Rx Equalizer

Question asked by KevinL Employee on Nov 28, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 29, 2011 by raymondcarter

I have seen this text in the Recommended Settings document:


2.2. Dynamic Settings for HDMI Mode

The following standard register settings are required for the best performance in HDMI mode.

2.2.1. Recommended Equalizer Settings

The ADV7842 contains a dynamic equalizer. This has been optimized for different cable lengths and characteristics; the following write is required for full optimization.

All other settings must remain at default.

68 8A 1E Recommended EQ setting

68 93 04 Recommended EQ setting

68 94 1E Recommended EQ setting

68 9D 02 Recommended EQ setting


From working with other ADI HDMI Rx components, it appears that the static mode of operation of the equalizer is the preferred mode.

Please clarify what mode is proper and in this mode, what are the register definitions and proper settings, including the pertinent default settings.

For example, with other parts, registers 0x8C thru 0x94 have definitions that depend on the equalizer mode of operation. The HW manual is not clear about this.