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Fastlock Pin control

Question asked by s.kannan on Feb 8, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2018 by s.kannan

It is mentioned in the reference manual that CTRL_IN0, CTRL_IN1 and CTRL_IN2 pins can be used to select a profile by setting 0x03 in register 0x29A(Tx) and 0x25A(Rx). I tried the same method in shell script and the registers were automatically self clearing back to 0x01( initially i put 0x03) and profiles are not changing.

Whats going wrong here? Is there any procedure to follow?

I also  take a look at the script mentioned in this link:

In this code i) the gpio number for control input pins itself is wrong

ii) instead of ctrl_in0,ctrl_in1,ctrl_in2 pins they are using ctrl_in3,ctrl_in2,ctrl_in1 pins

iii) they didn't set the registers 0x25A or 0x29A anywhere in that program. How will you set the register ? Is there any API commands for that, or we are forced to use direct_reg_access?