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AD9371: TES not working with our custom board

Question asked by Abhisheknaik on Feb 8, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2018 by gverma

Hello Team,

         We are working with our AD9371 custom board. We have connected Zync ZC706 with AD9371 custom board via interface card. Pin connection in custom AD9371 board are same as AD9371 EVK board. (Please go through following image for connection between zyncZC706 and AD9371 custom board.)


      We are trying to program AD9371 in custom board using TES. We are using TES SD card which we got with AD9371 EVK Board. But we are getting following error. We have closed all other application running in my PC.


      Please kindly suggest us if we are missing something.



Abhishek Naik.