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What is the output of the BIST mode

Question asked by achernock on Feb 7, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 2, 2018 by mhennerich

My customer is...working with some logic that reads Rx data from the 9361 using DDR and LVDS.  He ran tests with the BIST mode enabled on the 9361 as follows:


Reg 0x3F4:

Tone Frequency = 00 (Rx sample rate / 32)

Tone Level = 10 (full scale / 4)

BIST Control Point = 10 (input of data port)

Tone/PRBS = 1 (Tone)

BIST Enable = 1


Reg 0x3F5:

Data Port SP = 0

Rx Mask = 1

Channel = 0

Data Port Loop Test Enable = 0


Reg 0x3f6:

BIST Mask bits = 1110 (mask all but channel 1 I data)


I’m getting this repeating sequence for the I data, but it doesn’t correspond to a sine wave:


0x040, 0x000, 0x7bc, 0xf20, 0x8c1, 0x412, 0x401, 0x000, 0x200, 0x000, 0x204, 0x800, 0x411, 0x402, 0x0a4, 0xf1c, 0x700, 0x000, 0x041, 0x0c0, 0x100, 0x001, 0x000, 0x002, 0x186, 0x1c6, 0x188, 0x041, 0x002, 0x004, 0x100, 0x0c3


Can you please tell me what is the correct sequence of 32 values I should be seeing?  I'm thinking that if I can compare my output to the correct sequence, I might see a pattern of errors that would tell me what’s wrong.


Thank you!

Andy Chernock