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EVAL-AD5380SDZ output issue

Question asked by aar0n on Feb 7, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2018 by rrosario


I am testing out a EVAL-AD5380SDZ, and am using a DSP to communicate via SPI (The SDPs are out of stock)


I connected 3.3v(DVCC) (DSP does not support 5v) and 5v(AVCC) to a bench supply to J7 and J8 and updated links 1 and 2 to position B. Connected MOSI to SDIN, MISO to SDOUT, CS to Sync, and SCLK to SCLK.  Held LDAC low to facilitate immediate output update.  I can see data SPI in and data out using an Oscope, so I believe the input registers are set correctly, but the Vouts sit at either 0-.010v or ~4.5v.


Is there any setup issue this may be a symptom of or is an indication of an issue with the board?