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Accuracy of Energy measurement in Line Cycle Accumulation Mode

Question asked by Dg@4 on Feb 6, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2018 by Gary.Kang.AnalogDevices



I am working on ADE7878A. i have question regarding Accuracy of active Energy measurement in Line Cycle Accumulation Mode.


We know, to calculate energy (say in wh or joules), we should also need to know the time over which we want to integrate power. so is it right approach to Measure energy in Line Cycle Accumulation Mode. i.e. by counting the line half cycles and then convert that data to time (by knowing frequency).


or should i go to Real time counter/clock approach i.e. simultaneously run a counter/clock in MCU and after that read AWATTHR register than multiply it with Time (say in hours) calculated using MCU real time counter/clock.


i'm asking this because, in real life there may be some distortion in waveform of line and as a  result  a wrong zero crossing may be detected by ADE7878 and as a result energy may be calculated over wrong time when using in Line cycle accumulation mode...


Am i right or there is something that i'm missing ?