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ADV7511 - Incorrect Output Color

Question asked by RHPTech on Feb 5, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2018 by Poornima

I have an ADV7612-7511P EVAL board I am interfacing with a BT656 compatible signal from my camera. The CMOS channel is configured for BT.656 output at 60Hz frame rate, outputting 525 lines per frame. I have the video output to a monitor and can see a picture but the color is not correct. I am seeing a green hue in the image. I have tried changing around the different Styles and YCbCr order but nothing seems to help. Can you recommend anything to adjust to make this work?


I have an 8bit bus with Pclock, H, V Sync and DE connected with camera CMOS[7:0] lines attached to 11:4 as seen in Table 25 Style 3.


What is the difference between right, left and even justified?