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ADV7626 Signal Detection in Splitter Mode

Question asked by YosenBian on Feb 5, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2018 by Poornima



      In Splitter mode, the signal from RxA can be routed to both TxA and TxB. And the image can be seen on monitor. The diagram is shown as below.


When connecting the signal source to RxB, and setting the registers as below:

B2 00 0x00//default=0xF3, Power Up Rx1, Rx2, DPLL_A, DPLL_B, xtal

B2 01 0x89 //default=0x01, HDMI Receiver Rx1 enabled, RxA-Rx1, RxB-Rx2

B2 02 0x20//default=0x00, Enable Splitter Mode

B2 04 0x26


      The value read back from HDMI_Rx2_Map 0X05 is 0. The 0x4D returns 0, too. And the resolution cannot be read. I think it means that the ADV7626 do not dectect the mode, TDMS clock, and resolution of the signal on TxB.

        When disable Splitter mode(B2 02 0x00), the TxB can output the RXB signal.


       I was wondering in Splitter mode, whether the signal on RxB can be detected. And if yes, please guide me to configure the ADV7626.