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AD9102 Analog Gain Register

Question asked by Graeme on Feb 4, 2018
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I am planning on using the AD9102 for the signal generator portion of an AC calibrator. I would like to understand more about the DAC Analog Gain function controlled through the register (DACAGAIN, Address 0x07).  I assume this modifies the internal Rset resistor and have the following questions:


1.  Do these 7bits in provide a fine adjustment of the internal Rset resistor?

2. What is the range of adjustment provided across the 7bit gain register?

3. Can the DAC Analog Gain function be used as a global gain adjustment variations in the external Vref and downstream amplifiers, filters etc providing that any errors are within the adjustment range?

4. Is there anything to watch out for by using this DAC Analog Gain Register in a manual mode for system gain?