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Problem using limiter in Sigma Studio after an FIR filter, as the Limiter gets frequency depenent.

Question asked by ttako on Feb 4, 2018
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I am having problems with a limiter if I use it after an FIR filter, as the limiter gets heavily frequency dependent.

the maximum output level changes wildly with frequency despite being the last block in the chain.

Unfortunately I have no option to use a different limiter block, because of the processing power of the 1702 DSP

i guess it is a compiling problem.

I attach here the preset and the FIR coefficients as well just in case.

The problem is at the HF output.

I did use 3.15 R2 version.

I encountered also other problems but I will ask the question about that in an another time, as it is not that serious.

Would you be so kind and take a look into it? I would really need a good working limiter here....