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AD-FMCADC2 effective BW?

Question asked by mutual.jun on Feb 4, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2018 by JudyChui


I am a starter of RF and high speed ADC.By the way I am working on a project re-generating(i.e. adjusting a power of signal) chirp signal.

I think it is a simple. When I receive a signal that varying from 200 MHz to 800 MHz (don't know chirp rate), and re-transmit as it is. So I'm looking at FMCADC2, FMCDAQ2 and FMC-AD9135/9136(DAC). 

Unfortunately, I  get the information that the actual BW of FMCADC2(AD9625) is 312.5MHz(2500/8=312.5MHz, DDC). Is it true? I am very confused. Can I processing with that chips? Or can you recommend it?


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