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HMC960LP4E Output Impedance Matching Transformer Utilization

Question asked by eastliver on Feb 3, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2018 by eastliver

HMC960LP4E differential output impedance is 400 Ohm. With the help of two 174  Ohm serial resistances  and a 140 Ohm shunt resistance ,it connected to the transformer of 2:1 resistance ratio. As a result, the 50 Ohm impedance of other side was mathed with it. That's what an expert has taught me in the forum. I still wonder that if I can delete the network of 174 Ohm and 140 Ohm resistances. And choose transformer of impedance ratio 8:1, to transform output impedance 400 Ohm into 50Ohm directly. Is it OK? I have reqused the help of the expert for many times, but has no response. Can You Help Me?

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