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Load Cell Amplifier

Question asked by IsmailCetinkaya on Nov 26, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 29, 2011 by IsmailCetinkaya

I have designed a load cell amplifier with three opamp in amp. I use  this amplifier in baby incubator project. I have sensor module inside  incubator and my amplifier circuit is in the module. Module temp can be  45-50C some times because of settled temp of incubator. So , my  amplifier out changes +-20mV( x201 gain ) range ( about 200 grams ). I  think , i need an inst. amp with 10 ppm/C , 10nV/root(Hz) , 0.5uVpp ,  0.5uV/C and very good CMR. So , i need voltage reference ic near  properties and 14-16 bit ADC. Please give me info , which ics can i use? Thanks for your answers.