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Registers on ZC706 and digital input

Question asked by ccruztorre on Feb 2, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2018 by CsomI

1) I am working with the ZC706 eval board and analog ADC using the ARM zynq. I have implemented a processing system in a core and it is defined with different entries: both of them as registers. The idea is to change these values without sinthetize and implement the desing in each modification. My question is how could I define these two registers inside the ARM and connect both to the core? I think I could expose my custom IP logic to the ARM as registers through AXI lite. Another option would be to use AXI GPIO to interface with my IP and I am wondering if anyone worked on this.


2) My core has another input defined from an external signal. I need to import an external digital signal to this custom core.  As I am using the ZC706, this evaluation board has GTX TX&RX external SMAs for differential user clock input. My question is if I could use this board input and how I could set an external signal on it.

Any suggestion will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance