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EVAL-AD9789 - issues with powering the board on

Question asked by WuMike1 on Feb 2, 2018
Latest reply on May 16, 2018 by landsman

Dear ADI Support Team,


Few days ago we received an #EVAL-AD9789 with QAM generation on-board, for my customer #Telkom-Telmor in Poland.

Unfortunately, it does not work properly.


Attached please find two pictures, one with the board, second with configuration.


Here goes more details on the issue:


- photo of the generator board after connecting all the wires - as you can see, only the yellow LED D1 is lit, while the XD1 diode is off

- screenshot of the configuration panel of the application to operate the generator after all operations have been carried out in accordance with the "Quick Start Guide"


Our comments:

- no waveform and voltage on the XY1 quartz

- MCU (PIC) has 5V power on all pins

- on lines USB_D- and USB_D + there are no waveforms, no signal can be measured

- connecting the eval to the computer does not activate system drivers; it seems to us that the computer cannot see the board (in the application of the generator there is no information about the connected unit),

- blue fields in the configuration panel of the application, despite following the instructions, do not change the content after pressing the RUN button; it seems to us that there should be answers from the generator / board


I appreciate your prompt reply and support on that case!


Thanks & Regards,
#Michal #Mazurkiewicz

Solution FAE at ARROW Poland