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Question asked by lux on Feb 2, 2018
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I would like to ask some questions on the AD5290 power supply.

Please refer to the AD5290 rev.c dataseet.

Q1:  From the old answers on this part,  I assume it is  characterized and specified only for

+/-15v operation.  If it is correct , does it mean no single suppy opeartion is guaranteed for performance

(characteristics ), but functionality?


Q2: If the part  is operated from +15v/-5v asymmetric supplies , in what and how much

of  device performance degradation  from +/-15v operation could be expected?


Q2: On the front page of the dataseet , it is said that 20V/0V  operation is possible  but ,on the other hand,

it is said 4.5v/0v operation is possible.

Which is the usable  voltage for single supply opeartion , 20v or 4.5V?


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