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Problems with EV-RADAR MMIC-2 evaluation board.

Question asked by chethn on Feb 2, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2018 by chethn

We have procured an EV-RADAR MMIC2 evaluation kit from Analog devices along with the EV-ADAR-D2S and Eval-SDP-CBIZ board as suggested by Analog Devices.

The board has been configured and set up as shown in page-13, figure 8 of UG-866. We have used cables which are 1 mt long and also 3 mts long with 20 dBm attenuator and dc-blocker as required. We have executed the initialization and control software stubs as indicated in the UG.

We have checked the Tx output using a Spectrum Analyzer.  We have recorded an output of approximately -32 dBm with a 20dBm attenuator and approximately -18 dBm with a 6dbm attenuator.

This signal was looped back to the Rx-Channel. We monitored the output on port O5 of the EV-ADAR-D2S. We record only a DC-signal of approximately 2 volts. When we switch the scope to “AC-coupling” mode the output is a DC signal with an amplitude of  “zero” volts.

We have tried various TX-Rx pairs and the result is the same.

We have attached a screen shot of the TX signal as monitored on  a Spectrum Analyzer. We need some help to get the RX section working. FYI we  are using only the scripts given by Analog Devices as a part of the development kit. We have not modified this in anyway.


Request guidance ASAP