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Miscalculate conversion constant in ADE9000-UG-1098 datasheet

Question asked by ghsung on Feb 2, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2018 by Gary.Kang.AnalogDevices

Hi, I'm using ADE9000 and watching datasheet ADE9000-UG-1098.

While I was watching that datasheet, 52 page of 86, to calculate conversion constant, there's something wrong to calculate Energy Conversion Constant.


In the 3rd line of equation, the result will be 8213.98

but the 4th line is just 1.0268.

I calculated without 2^(-13) in the 3rd line equation, result was 1.00268. It's much similar 4th line but not exactly same.


Which is right with 2^(-13) or without 2^(-13), and why the 3600 is needed in the equation?

I have no idea with 3600 thing.


My real goal is calculating watt-hour with ADE output.

Here's my substitution values.

Inominal = 3.41A

Vnominal = 220V

IFSP = 0.048

VFSP = 0.311

What will be the Enenrgy Conversion Constant with this values and real watt-hour value?


Thank you in advance.